Pre-School Promise



Your child deserves a high quality preschool program!

Through a grant from the state, Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub, along with many preschool programs in Marion and Polk Counties, are able to provide state-funded program that offers high-quality preschool to low-income children ages 3 and 4.

The Benefits

-Being ready for kindergarten
-More likely to be reading in the third grade
-More likely to graduate from high school
-More likely to achieve greater lifetime earnings

A quality preschool experience makes a major difference in a child’s kindergarten preparation and success in school. With Preschool Promise, families with income up to 200% of the federal poverty level are eligible for free preschool for their child. Many preschool providers in our community will be offering this program this fall.


Household Size Annual Income Household Size Annual Income
1 $23,540 5 $56,820
2 $31,860 6 $65,140
3 $40,180 7 $73,460
4 $48,500 8 $81,780

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*Contact any of the 20 providers for information on their program.
Info. 503.485.3219